About Me

Hey you guys! I’m @D0zingcat .This is an “about me” page.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Considering much instablity of the internet, when referring or reproducing, I prefer to give links of duplicates which are copied from the original posts to my Evernote account, which is too say, if you need to refer to the origin post, don't hesitate to firstly visit the original address through the Evernote copy! That will be good for the authors of the posts.

ADVICE: To digest all the contents on my blog, you need to be familiar with Simplified Chinese (My mother language, yep, I am a native speaker) and English (Frankly speaking, it should be Chinglish because my English is somewhat poor. XD But it does not make too much trouble, the sentences will be simple and easy to understand.)

You can leave your comments here, tell me something or share something interesting with others. You can also write to me to exchange links, I will review as soon as possible and add them. That’s highly recommended and welcomed! Also, I am not a native English speaker but I would rather to use English as my blog’s default language to make my posts more popular and practice my English. Therefore, it may occur a lot of mistakes, such as grammer mistakes, wrong-spelling words and so on. If you have found any one, please don’t hesitate to tell me! I will correct it at once.

### Origin

I am a Chinese college student currently studying at Shanghai Second Polytechnic University.

This is my completely new blog(Powered by pelican, bootstrap and python) that hosted on Github Pages. Especially grates for Github, offerring such powerful and amazing service on this planet that make things easier and more createful to be done. Here my static blog website named “D0zingcat’s cabin” it is.

Very long ago about when I was Grade 1 in Nanjing Senior High School of Jiangsu Province. I got interested in blogging and I was fond of blogging.I used to write blog on Sina Blog and Baidu Blog. But in China, there are a lot of restrictions.My blogs were often deleted without any reasons. Therefore, I decided to build a “free blog” outside China. That’s the solution (Wordpress hosted on a foreign web-hosting service). Firstly because I am not a financially independent student and I do not have a lot of money. It was just a little while, I had been trying to find free hosts and register a domain that almostly consists of Chinese named "http://汤力.cn"
but after I changed my DNS domain, it broke down. And in the next year, it had not be recovered. What a pity and bad service. But later, I had been searching for a lot of information to get free host information and I had been trying quite a lot. But as you know, since it is free, there must be a lot of disadvantages, a lot of pretty strange mistakes. SO TERRIBLE, almost a nightmare. Then, after working for a lot of time, I gave in and gave up. I just back the whole website up and leave it as it was.

Since I went to college last year, I became more independent, especially on finance. I took control of my money and I bought my first paid host, "Hengtian ". It performed quite well and almost amazingly. It cost me 100 CNY per year but its hosts possesses the world’s most powerful CPU, in-time online support and enough traffic. I was quite satisfied with the services it provided. And for a long time I was in it. But later, I lost my passion in it and I finally gave up without updating for alomost 6 months.

Now, It’s a new start. In 2015, most people may say “New year, new me.” So do I and does my blog. I think carefully about my blog again and again. And I made a decision again, that’s desserting my old blog website The Townes.I 'd like to write blogs to improve my ability to write documents and record mainly origin thoughts, information, processing precedures and analysis about computer science(like infinite and amazing algorithms), life, and other things I think about. In this requirement, It may not need complex database management system and other powerful functions. I just need it to guaranteer my posts’s safety. As a result, I choose Github to host my files and posts(Open-Source is so awesome!).


  • Use free time to write a resume about me and stick it to this “About me” page.

  • One leetcode per day.

  • One acm(Codeforces) per day.

  • One small function realized on Android per day.

  • One journal per day.

  • Some English penmanship practice per day.

  • Some literature reading per day.