Image Orientation Patch

Recently, when I was blogging[1], I found that when I inserted the photos I took with my iPhone5, it looked wired. Namely, the photos will auto-rotate -90 degrees like a man lying between the road when reading the post on my laptop but it looked all well when reading on the iPhone. I guessed it was about the resolution and tested with my friend’s 1080 FHD display but it still rotated. So, I tried to find the answer and wrote this post.

Install Shadowsocks Qt5 on Debian8.7.1

Yesterday my dear friend xuansu recommended me to give Debian a TRY. He told me: “It’s quite stable and has been running without even a mistake for months. It’s based on GNOME and it’s quite awesome and cool! It’s my primary system now!” And he used to told me that Debian possesses the best package management tool. That’s why I switch my development environment to Debian 8.7.1.





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Using Flask and LeanCloud to build a backend of Wechat Official Account

[Prerequisites: Master of Chinese and English reading]


During the last month, a lot of “Yellow bike” the name of which is “ofobicycle” have been sent into the campus to serve us, students, on debt. Since each bicycle possesses one fixed password to unlock, which means the best situation is that you obtain all the codes and passwords and use them as you wish, my partner and I try to do a project to get this feature.(All the contents here are just for entertainment and study, which means you can not use them in commercial affairs and please obey the law in local areas and the ToS of “ofobicycle”.)


本項目名稱為Kitty SignIn,意為如同hello kitty壹般容易讓人接受且便捷的簽到考勤管理應用。項目基於Android Stduio開發(使用了以butterknife為代表的開源第三方插件,大大提升了開發效率),使用了LeanCloud這個國內出色的Baas平臺作為後臺(壹定程度上的確很方便,免去了很多後臺很瑣碎的工作)強力驅動數據存儲等業務,使用FacePlusPlus這個國內領先的面部識別服務供應商進行基礎的面部檢測,而前臺UI參考了Google Material Design 的設計理念,盡量做到簡單,明白,最大程度地方便閱讀和使用者信息的獲取,同時不失美觀簡潔便捷等優點。