How to earn some extra money by surfing the internet hosted on personal VPS

There are a lot of situations that we web masters have more than one VPS, may be two or three or four or even more, and we can not use them fully to produce or deploy. Namely, they are redundant. excluding what has been stated above, there is another case that we bought an “expensive” VPS but we only host a personal blog or tiny nano mini website that far too easy for such a VPS to host, that is to say, the VPS is not fully loaded. However, leave them alone is perhaps not a good idea due to every month the service provider will send us invoice timely, so, how do we deal with those VPS?

How to create a short-cut of directory under Cygwin

Today I will go to share a tip about CygWin(64).

You know, sometimes we just want an easy and convenient way to manage our documents or programs or something else, so we just put them on the desktop of the Desktop, e.g., I prefer to save my C/C++ file on the desktop for testing and managing. But In Cygwin, It’s not easy to find the location of the file.
(For example, I have to enter “cd /cygdrive/c/users/(my user name)/desktop”)
And later I find that I can simply type in “cd /c” to enter the C:\ location. However, it’s still too looooong! So. if we can get a way to simplify it? The answer is YEP!

Here we go.
All you HAVE to do is just type into the CygWin64 Bash “ln -s /cygdrive/c/users/(my user name)/desktop”.
And then when you enter “ls /”, you will find there is an added folder named “desktop”, and that means that everything’s going on well.

Solution to can't quit packagekit adding

We can’t run 2 updaters at the same time so if packagekit is running then you can’t run Yast update or zypper.

So, it will through confirm message to stop packageKit process.
PackageKit is blocking software management.
This happens when the updater applet or another software management
application is running.
Ask PackageKit to quit?

if you click on ‘Yes’, it will try to stop the process of packageKit. If it is still busy, it will again arise the popup with this message.
PackageKit is still running (probably busy).
Ask PackageKit to quit again?

Again click ‘yes’. If it won’t stop the process, follow the below method to kill the processes.

Just like what following shows:

PackageKit is blocking zypper. This happens if you have an updater applet or other software management application using PackageKit running.
Tell PackageKit to quit? [yes/no] (no): yes
PackageKit is still running (probably busy).
Try again? [yes/no] (no): no
System management is locked by the application with pid 2219 (/usr/lib/packagekitd).
Close this application before trying again.


Kill the process using following commands.

sudo killall -KILL packagekitd

Also, you can just enter

sudo kill -9 {PID} e.g., mine is 2219, as is shown above.

Make sure you are in super user mode. Just run this command in Command line Interface (CLI).

It will kill all currently running packageKit processes.

Have any doubt? Feel free to comment here…

Reproduced From: Cj’s blog

Windows Can Not Connect To SQL Server 2005

Recently due to my school forces our students of Computer Science to train skills of DSMS, I try to help my classmates to install Windows SQL Server 2005 on their own computers to make it more convenient and easy for them to practise.

But in fact, all troublesome things may happen on OS, as far as I am concerned. So, I encounter in a few problems.

For example, The login domain is NULL, and I don’t know how fill it in. And after googling it, I found that it should be ‘local’ or ‘localhost’ or ‘’. Then submit it again, then an error occurs like following(error 18456):

After google it again, I finally found a way to solve it.
Pls move to : [Windows official document](

Also, there are some other errors and solutions, you can just refer to them.


IPV6 Setup Resources

The other day, I was trying to set up my network environment to be compatible with IPV6 under IPV4 to be access to Google and some fantastic IPV6 websites hosted by some other Chinese universities to obtain some great resources. However, I failed. Wheras, I reserved some bookmarks of website links to give some advice to you guys.…69i57j69i60l3.10989j0j1&sourceid=chrome&es_sm=122&ie=UTF-8

Preferred Multimedia Resource Archives

Since I am fond of English and American TV series, dramas, movies, music and a lot of other things, it is important for me to get some great websites to feed me fantastic and up-to-date resources. However, it is troublesome for me to manage a large amount of bookmarks. Thus I would like to write an article to make this smooth.

  • Magnet URI scheme

  • Movie


  • Subtitle:

  • Lyric

LaTEX Read me

#####Math Render Plugin For Pelican

This plugin gives pelican the ability to render mathematics. It accomplishes
this by using the MathJax javascript engine.

The plugin also ensures that Typogrify and recognized math “play” nicely together, by
ensuring Typogrify does not alter math content.
It requires at a minimum Pelican version 3.5 and Typogrify version 2.0.7 to work.
If these versions are not available, Typogrify will be disabled for the entire site.

Both Markdown and reStructuredText is supported.


To enable, ensure that render_math plugin is accessible.
Then add the following to

PLUGINS = ["render_math"]

Your site is now capable of rendering math math using the mathjax JavaScript
engine. No alterations to the template is needed, just use and enjoy!


In the past, using Typgogrify would alter the math contents resulting
in math that could not be rendered by MathJax. The only option was to ensure
that Typogrify was disabled in the settings.

The problem has been recitified in this plugin, but it requires Typogrify version 2.0.7
(or higher) and Pelican version 3.5 or higher. If these versions are not present, the plugin will disable
Typogrify for the entire site



No alteration is needed to a template for this plugin to work. Just install
the plugin and start writing your Math.


Certain MathJax rendering options can be set. These options
are in a dictionary variable called MATH_JAX in the pelican
settings file.

The dictionary can be set with the following keys:

  • align: controls how displayed math will be aligned. Can be set to either
    left, right or center. Default Value: center.
  • indent: if align not set to center, then this controls the indent
    level. Default Value: 0em.
  • show_menu: a boolean value that controls whether the mathjax contextual
    menu is shown. Default Value: True
  • process_escapes: a boolean value that controls whether mathjax processes escape
    sequences. Default Value: True
  • latex_preview: controls the preview message users are seen while mathjax is
    rendering LaTex. If set to Tex, then the TeX code is used as the preview
    (which will be visible until it is processed by MathJax). Default Value: Tex
  • color: controls the color of the mathjax rendered font. Default Value: black

For example, in, the following would make math render in blue and
displaymath align to the left:

MATH_JAX = {'color':'blue','align':left}

Resulting HTML

Inlined math is wrapped in span tags, while displayed math is wrapped in div tags.
These tags will have a class attribute that is set to math which
can be used by template designers to alter the display of the math.


This plugin implements a custom extension for markdown resulting in math
being a “first class citizen” for Pelican.

###Inlined Math
Math between $$, for example, $x^2$, will be rendered inline
with respect to the current html block. Note: To use inline math, there
must not be any whitespace before the ending $. So for example:

  • Relevant inline math: $e=mc^2$
  • Will not render as inline math: $40 vs $50

###Displayed Math
Math between $$$$, for example, $$x^2$$, will be rendered centered in a
new paragraph.

###Latex Macros
Latex macros are supported, and are automatically treated like displayed math
(i.e. it is wrapped in div tag). For example, begin{equation} x^2 \end{equation},
will be rendered in its own block with a right justified equation number
at the top of the block. This equation number can be referenced in the document.
To do this, use a label inside of the equation format and then refer to that label
using ref. For example: begin{equation} \label{eq} X^2 \end{equation}. Now
refer to that equation number by $\ref{eq}$.


If there is math detected in reStructuredText document, the plugin will automatically
set the math_output configuration setting to MathJax.

###Inlined Math
Inlined math needs to use the math role:

The area of a circle is :math:`A_\text{c} = (\pi/4) d^2`.

###Displayed Math
Displayed math uses the math block:

.. math::
α_t(i) = P(O_1, O_2, … O_t, q_t = S_i λ)

How To Download A Repository On Github

Today I tried looking for a convenient way to transfer files from Windows to Ubuntu, and finally I came up with an idea, that’s using Github. So I create a repository and sync it to the remote server. Under Windows, since Github offered a simple client to help users to arrange their files. It is quite simple and stupid, not that cool and complex, just modify their file(add some or delete or modify some) and add words to commit blank, click on “commit” and then click on “Sync”, and after a few seconds, it’s done.

But on Ubuntu, it is not that easy and simple, we have to enter commands to do all the rperations. This time I will not introduce how to install or initial a repository, just go to Github and take a look at Support, it is quite detailed. Then I will show you how to use a terminal to download a repository.

For example, I’d like to download a repository of my own: D0zingcat , visit the link and you will be directed to the page of my project of this static blog(D0zingcat’s Cabin), then you will see a HTTPS clone URL on the right side. Click on the button and you will easily copy the link. And then open the terminal, go to the location that you want to save the files, and enter “git clone”. You can also click on the button “Download ZIP”, it’s more simple and easier.

Refer to:



Solutions to incorrectly updating python on Ubuntu

Last time I tried to update my python software on Ubuntu Platform after I installed Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS under Windows 7 Ultimate, yeah, I installed two systems. When I am free, I will write something about how to install double systems at the same time. But now, here we go.

I use “Ctrl + Alt + t” to open terminal and when I type in “sudo apt-get update” and “sudo apt-get upgrade”, the statements show me that the version of python was 2.7.7. As far as I am concerned, the up-to-date software is the appropriate version that one coder should choose. So I tried updating it. But I was in a trouble when I have an idea and put it into practice. I enter “sudo apt-get remove python” and then, all have changed. A lot of related softwares have been removed, for example, the shell of terminal, the desktop and so on. In short that’s all the softwares based on python framework. Maybe you should give it a shot XD,then you can understand how terrible I feeled that moment.

In fact, python2 and python3 can exist and installed at the same time on a single system. Therefore, I just enter “sudo apt-get install pyhton3”. When I try to use python3 next time, I just need to use python3 “” to run the code I write. “How I solve the big trouble?” That’s quite easy, just use the terminal(at this moment it appears without surface) and enter “sudo apt-get intall ubuntu-desktop”, then all is done. After a while just use the button or enter “sudo reboot” to restart the system and everything recovers and runs smoothly just like before. However, don’t ask me if you reboot the system and can not get the entry to it, I haven’t do so and I can not give you any advice. Just Google it, Enjoy!

In conclusion, just remember:
Do not change the version of python on ubuntu platform, when you don’t figure out how the statement works, do not try it, that’s dangerous and not all the problems can be easily solved.


In addition, there is a Chinese post discussed about how to completely destroy ubuntu by using terminal to uninstall important system software and files. Just take a glance!


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